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We are specialist corporate caterers, who have been providing business lunches to hungry delegates throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire since 2009, and we can honestly say we love what we do! At the heart of everything is our simple ethos: we believe business lunches do not have to be a dull affair with soggy sandwiches and doilies; corporate catering can and should be innovative, exciting and a pleasure to eat.

Here at EverSo we create food that you are excited to eat, food that gives you a welcome break from your busy working day, food that gives you a chance to recharge ready for the afternoon. We create food that impresses, surprises and, most of all, makes people smile. This is EverSo: Where Lunch Means Business.

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Eco Friendly Salads


We have a new salad range and they are giving some serious full flavour behaviour! 


Tasked to create a new salad range, using Eco-Friendly Packaging, Head Chef Craig has pulled out all the stops and we have some seriously tasty salads on offer this season. 


These 5 salads taste amazing and are great for those wanting a healthier option for their lunch. The range consists of Chicken Souvlaki, Moroccan...


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EverSo have always been our go-to caterers for business related lunches. They have assisted us with large scale company orders for over 150 employees, offering bespoke and varied menu options, as well as assisting with regular corporate lunches for business meetings. EverSo are always extremely flexible with choice, cater for a vast range of specialist dietary requirements and are always innovating with tasty new ideas. Speedo would not hesitate to recommend EverSo.