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Happy St.Patrick's Day

This year at EverSo we have celebrated the patron saint of Ireland in a number of ways. Building on the success of our Guinness desert pots giveaway last year our chefs have got creative and produced some delicious tasting Irish themed food.

One of our corporate clients tasked us with the job of supplying a St Patrick themed hot lunch for their 90 workers. Head chef Paul cooked up a slow cooked Irish stew with proper beef suet dumplings! This ‘melt in your mouth’ beef in a Guinness flavoured sauce not only made our kitchen smell amazing for the 10 hours it was slowly cooking but tasted absolutely delicious.  

On our pastry section, Kylie produced over 200 white chocolate pannacotta brilliantly layered in the colours of the Irish flag. Kylie then patiently handmade over 250 green iced clovers which were used to top a range of her traybake cakes for the day's buffets.


After a busy week where we have fed over 2,000 customers I think it’s time for a well-deserved pint of the black stuff!  Great work team.