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National Vegetarian Week!


Last week (15th – 19th May) we participated in our very 1st National Vegetarian Week which was all about celebrating and promoting eating delicious, fresh vegetables and showcasing the exciting, healthy and filling vegetarian recipes you can make!

All week the EverSo chefs were busy making mouth-watering vegetarian sandwiches and delicious savoury items for our special vegetarian menu- The Vegetarian Delight, which head chef Paul Spink had developed to celebrate and showcase the fantastic array of vegetarian food we make.

We had a great response from our amazing customers who helped us celebrate by ordering the Vegetarian Delight Menu and I am pleased to say that we even have had some feedback from a few self-proclaimed hardcore ‘meat eaters’ who tried our menu and were more than pleasantly surprised as to how tasty vegetarian food can be!

So following on from the success of National Vegetarian Week, make sure to keep an eye out for new delicious vegetarian items on our upcoming Summer menu and check out our Signature Recipe collection to have a go and make them yourself.