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The EverSo Autumnal Berry Skewer is grown and picked at a farm less than 10 miles from our kitchen! We love working with local suppliers and this Berry Skewer has literally got less than 10 food miles!


The Fresh Fruit Skewer has always been a real favorite with the EverSo customer and has withheld the test of time with customers requesting we include this on nearly every menu. 


This Autumn we gave our Head Chef Paul a challenge: source seasonal fruits that are grown locally, can be skewered and tastes delicious.


Challenge Accepted! Chef Paul spoke with our Nottingham based greengrocers who put him in contact with a Nottingham farmer who for the next four weeks is picking all of his Autumn Berries. After a meeting or 2 and some tasty samples, we decided to introduce the berry skewer to our 'Traditional Menu' range for the next four weeks whilst the berries are still in season.


Customer feedback has been wonderful and just remember when you are eating your skewer at your next lunch, that those little berries were only grown a few miles away from where you are eating them!


Help keep it local people!